Did you know that dams can help save animals, plants, and people? Dams provide water for animals, plants, and people. Dams also provide recreational activities suchg as fishing, swimming, and boating.

There is a dam that is well known around the Bowler, Tilleda area. It is the Tilleda Dam. It has made a beautiful pond next to a wonderful compground.

The DNR decided to replace the old dam that was unsafe with a new on in 1994.

The tearing down of the old dam was in September of 1994. The starting of the new one was in October of 1996. It was finalized in June of 1997.

Sence the dam has been put in, there is a new public boat landing! It is locatied on Air Port Road. The dam has provided enough water so that the Tilleda Falls Campground can provide us with fun recreational activity rentals suck as boats, canoes, and rafts.

According to the campground owners, Mr. and Mrs. Niles, it was very interesting to watch the dam being put in and taken out.

As far as Mr. and Mrs. Niles know, the cost of the dam is $183,000.00. They said that there still may be some little expenses to pay. Half of the money was raised by the redidents and campers in Tilleda. The other half was provied by the DNR.

The bars and businesses in the town have received more business because on the weekend when the campers are at the campground, most of them go to the businessess. As far as the Tilleda Hardware the business improved because people at the campground may need parts or toole. Just like the rest of Wisconsin, the DNR, the tourists, and the communities need to cooperate like they did in this situation.

The community and even the people who visit the Tilleda Falls Campground are much happier to see that the pond is a pond instead of a shallow muchy river with many old tree stomps sticking out. The pond will also provide water to put out any fired. That is another reason why the community is much happier. It's the safety of the community that should matter the most, not how it looks!

Did you know that dams just don't provide water for animals, plants, and people, they provide some homes.
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