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  1. Our Friendship
  2. A Word, A Dream, A Life To Live Over Again
  3. Dying From a Broken Heart
  4. Remember
  5. I Got Your Back
  6. Angel Pennies
  7. Someone, Somewhere
  8. A Friend
  9. The Order (This was written for a World History assignment
10. Friends Forever
 11. God Above
 12. Sis
 13. If Only I Could Imagine
 14. The Responsibilities of a Good Citizen


Informational Papers

Our Friendship

Written By:
Kristin Weckler
Friends are special in every way. They are always there to talk to in all times of need.
We walk, we talk and we share. Lofe has many tests but we pull through. Some way, some how
we always stay clase. As we are in a test right now we are neither passing nor falling.
Someone or something is pulling us from each other. In the beginning you hated me and I did
not care. But as time went on we came together, and here we stand. Three years and still going,
living life and loving it. We still go places and I hope we always will, even though we are both
changing. My life matters not to me but to you. I trust you with the world. We know each others
secrets and we do not tell. We are clase like sisters, even through hell. Whether we can remain
friends forever is starting to change. My dreams do not match yours and we are heading down different
paths. I hope we will never change and that we can always remain best friends until the end.

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A Word, A Dream, A Life to Live Over Again

Written By:

Alicia O'Connell

A life if I could have would have no worry or hate. It would be the
most wonderful place in the world. A dress I have is not to be but I
remember a day when all my dreams came true. The day has come for me to
choose did I fulfill my life like I should have or do I want to live it over from
beginning to end? I remember the times when you and I had our differences
and I remember the times that were fun. I remember the day you left me
when you were only 21. You had to leave well I was in labor with your little
girl Kelly. I told you a million times to stop with the weed, but this time it
was me that was right. I remember every minute of everyday I would wait
around till I could see your smiling face. I hated the way you combed your
hair, I hated when you were always right. I loved the way you cared about
me, but most of all I hated the way you treated me. You made me black and
blue from head to toe you though it was funny, but I knew more. I wish we
could have got married, but no you had to elave me along and cold with no
place to go. I thought I knew better I thought I was right, but I kept on
coming back. I never thought I would be sitting her trying to decide how
much I loved youl. If I go back I will change what happened I would save
you and you will save me. It only takes one word just one all I have to say is
"yes" or "no". But what do I want, I do not know. You have lied and cheater
in the past, but will it change? Will it help? I try not to think of that day Kelly
asked me why did daddy die. I hate to tell mmy little girl her father I loved so
much souldn't be trusted and I cry. I look back on each day and remember
what we had and shared for so long. I lived for 40 more years with out you
and had to go on with just Kelly at my side. I'm 60 years old and I have to
choose if I want someone new. I can go on alone or finish off my life with
someone I have been friends with for so lond. Mike said he would understand
if I said no. 40 years, has it been that long, my little Kelly was just born
July 31, 2007? It's now July 30, 2047 and tomorrow I will have to remember
that day you left me because you just had to get high before you
came to the hospital. My little Kelly is going to be 40 in a day. I cry each
and everyday because you had left me for the thing I hated the most. I wish
the old days could be, but no you had to have something that was wront to
me. I becaome what I wanted to be come and I put people that were life you
when you were young were they belonged. Behind the metal were you should
have been locked up and told to stop before you hurt someone like
me. I have no heart. Perhaps I have not, but you were wrong in so many
ways to hurt me. You may thing it was just your time, but it wasn't you
could have stopped it at anytime. Well, my choice is clear, I want what I
should have had 47 years ago. A new life is for me. Not one word, no one
can stop me, now I choose you because you loved me for so long. I choose
you Scott. You may be died to everyone, but to me you are still alive and
living in my heart. So I love and chose you over any of all.

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Dying From a Broken Heart

Written By:
Kristin Weckler

As I sit here all alone in the corner of this room, my brain clouds up and
I can't thing. But through it all my heart remains clear. So much to think, so much to say.
What will I do when you go away. You are the on who keeps me from falling. Now you're
gone and I'm at rock bottom. Tears pour down my rosy cheeks and all because you went away. I'm
slowly fading in and out. All this pain is driving me nuts. My heart feels like it has been
broken in two. I can't stand being without you. Why did you leave? You knew how I felt. I
guess it's too late to say what I know. Even though I'm not sure, I think I was in love with you.
When are you coming back?-If you ever do. I just can't stand being without you. Why don't you call
me to show that you are? I need to know if your heart is broken too. How do you fell deep down inside?
Share your thoughts and feelings with me. I'm here to listen because I care. My broken heart is
killing me and you're the reason behind it all. All the pain, all the stress is eating me by minute
from the inside out. Minute I feel the life drain from me. I think I'm done and gone for good. It was
fun while it lasted until you left me all alone. Good-bye for now and behave yourself. I'll see you in
the after world.

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Written By:
Alicia O'connell

Remember the times we shared.
As friends we went through a lot.
There was the good and the bad. We
could tell each other anything. As
friends we had out fun, but now
you're asking me to say good-bye to
friendship. I can't do that. You are my
best friend and nothing can change
that. You put a smile on my face
when it was a frown. You tell me
things have change. But I say
remember the good old day.
You tell me we don't have to leave
one another. I ask how. All you
say is I love you. A friendship
can't go on now you want more.
Remember you always found a guy
for me, you were my shoulder to
cry on in time of need. I helped
you and you helped me. A friendship
I'm not about to lose, because
love cannot be. I told you once
friends are friends and nothing more.
It will only end in hardship for one
not being friends at all. Remember
the times we had, remember that friends
are just friends and nothing more.

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I Got Your Bacl


I got your back

You got mine,

I'll help you out


To see you hurt

To see you cry,

Makes me weep

And wanna die.

And if you agree

To never fight,

It wouldn't matter

Who's wrong or right?

If a broken heart

Needs a mend,

I'll be right there

To the end.

If your cheeks are wet

From drops of tears,

Don't you worry,

Let go of your fears.

Hand in hand

Love is sent,

We'll be friends

Till the end.

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Angel Pennies

Written By:

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Someone, Somewhere

Dreams of your smile
And while thinking of you
Feels that life is worthwhile
So whenever you're lonely
Remember it's true
Is thinking of you

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A Friend

No man/woman is worth your tears and the only one 
who is, will never make you cry. If you love 
someone, put their name in a circle, instead of 
a heart, because hearts can break, but circles 
go on forever.
Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to 
what you say. Best friends listen to what you 
don't say.
If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, 
I wouldn't jump with them, 
I'd be at the bottom to catch them.
"Don't frown, because you never know who's falling in love with your smile!"
"If you judge people, you have no time to love them"
"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle." Plato


The Oder

Written By:
Me, Myself, and I (Bethany)
“Go! Go now! You don’t have anytime to waste! Go and get all the gold, silver, and gems you can! The biggest pyramid is the best, but I want it ALL! Go now, there’s not time to lose!” Explains the new, greedy sixteen-year-old pharaoh to his group of five noble soldiers.

‘Why is he giving us an order like this? There’s now way we can get past the guard! I can’t even remember what he’s all been saying!’ the shortest and chubbiest soldier thinks. ‘Why me? Why us?’

“Well get going! You heard me!” Yells the Pharaoh. “I want that gold now!”

“Yes sir. We are on our way.” Explained the strangest soldier of the crew, Pamium. “I won’t let anyone fail you!”

They started on their way. One step after another. The pyramids are fifty miles away. The group can only make it no more than twenty miles the first day, for they got a late start. Hopefully, they’ll make it there in two days, for the pharaoh wants the gold and gems within a week!

‘How does he expect me, this old soldier that isn’t even in shape, to make this fifty mile journey! I just don’t get it!’ Queenie thinks to himself. ‘I just don’t get it!’ Only ten more mile until they can stop for the night. They march in unison: one next to the other, left, right, left, right.

“I think that we’ll stop now. I’m getting tired and we can make the other thirty miles tomorrow. We just have to make sure we can have three days to travel back to the pharaoh. That leaves us two days at the very most to get past the guards and get everything!” Explained Pamium to the group.

They then stopped to rest. It didn’t take long at all for Queenie to plop his butt down and sleep.

‘I’m so scared! What if the guard catches us tomorrow? Will the pharaoh kill us because we didn’t fulfill his calling? I don’t want to die now. I don’t even have a family yet!’ thinks the soon to be seventeen year old Kyky.

“What was that? Did you hear that?” Asked Simut, one of the soldiers.

“I don’t know. What was that? Wait...listen...can’t you guys here that?” Exclaimed Ramose, another one of the soldiers.

“What do you think it is? You want to know what it is?” Pamium bravely explained to them. “It is Queenie snoring! Boy, you guys are really smart! Now get to bed because tomorrow will probably be our last night of rest until we get home!”

The next morning came by really fast, faster than any other night. Once again the soldiers were on their path to the pyramids. Marching once again in unison: left, right, left, right. But what came by even faster than that morning was the base of the pyramids. By nightfall they reached the base.

Pamium explained to the other soldiers, “Tonight is your last night of true rest until we get home, hopefully within two days! I got a play for getting into the pyramid. Queenie, you go and tell the guard that some one is trying to chisel a hole through the side of the pyramid to get in. When he runs around to see, Kyky and me will sneak inside and bring as much as we can out. Then Queenie will start heading back home, with all of the things we brought out, without stopping. And I mean without stopping! Do you all understand?”

“I guess so. But how do you and Kyky get past the guard on the way out?” Asked Queenie.

“The guard will still be with you! Or he better be anyways!” Answered Pamium.

‘How is this ever going to work? We are going to get busted so easily. I don’t know why we can’t just kill the guard and do the robbing the east way!’ thought Simut.

“Now you all get to bed for tomorrow will be a very long day!” Yelled Pamium.

Well, the next morning came. They all did their part as the grave robbers besides, Ramose. He was the only one that ruined it! While he was running out of the pyramid doors, he dropped a gold cup, and of course the guard heard it. Luckily though, he was able to escape with out being caught!

It only took the soldiers one day to get back to the pharaoh’s palace. They all had as much gold, silver, and gems that they could possibly handle. When they met the pharaoh for their last time, he explained something that they would have ever guessed in a million years!

“I’m extremely angry with you! I gave you guys an order that no one, and I mean no one, should have fulfilled! I know that you guys know what you shouldn’t have robbed the pyramid, but you did it anyways.” Explained the pharaoh. “I still want all the gold, silver, and gems that you brought me, but you are still going to be beheaded, unless you can answer this one questions correctly! I will give you the question and all five of you can discuss it for five minutes and then one person will give me that answer. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Yes, I think I’m speaking for all of us. What is the question?” Replied Queenie.

“The question is if I would tell you to go and kill your wives and your family members, would you do it?” Asked the pharaoh.

The five soldiers discuss it and finally came up with one answer. Simut replied to the question by saying, “No, we would not kill them. We would rather die ourselves than take away anyone else’s lives. And we love them and wouldn’t do anything in the world to hurt them!”

The pharaoh smiled and then reached into his pocket ad gave each soldier five gold coins while giving them a very important message. “You guys have improved since you got here. You learned a VERY important lesson too...go with what you know is right, not what other people think. Since you have passed the test, you will live on forever with your families!”

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Friends Forever

Written By:
Me, Myself and I (Bethany)

"Friends forever," we promised.
"Together till the end"
We do everything together.
You are my friend.

When I am sad, you are by my side,
When I am scared, you feel my fear.
You are my best support.-
When I need you, you are always there.

You always know just what to say,
And make everything seem better.
As long as I have you as my friend,
Everything will be ok.

You lift me up,
When I am down.
You help me with,
my everyday trials.

I never know,
just what to say,
but now I know.
"Friends are true and last through EVERYTHING!"

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God Above

Written By:

Down came the towers with all their might.
What was left? Nothing at all.
The looks on the families' faces
said nothing but grief.
But why you might ask.
Their innocent members soon deceased,
with memories, and only memories.
Fire-fighters going in and out of the wreckage.
But why you might ask.
The body pieces covered in ashes,
was all to see.
'But who is this?' they might ask.
No one knows but God above.

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Written By:

Sis, you told me to come home for your birthday.
I did what you asked. Went first to the airport
to buy my ticket and then home again to pack. I
called to tell you that I was on my way. You ended
with 'I love you", and I just laughed. Now I'm in
the air with a knife to my throat. I wish I would
have said those three small words. The guys are talking
folishly about things that only happened in my nightmares.
Was this reality or was this a nightmare? I did not know
until this time. We are losing elevation, why didn't I just
tell you that I loved you? Now you will never know. Sis, I told
you that I couldn't make it, but you insisted that I come.
You were always my favorite, but just why couldn't I say 'I
love you?' It may be too late, but I still care. Sis, I love
you and happy birthday. I'm sorry I didn't make it, but I'm
having this man take my life. I don't want to be burned, I
want to go peacefully. I love you now and forever. Good-bye.

If Only I could Imagine

Written By:
It happened so soon,
the tradedy of the week.
It seems every week but
a new place,
new date,
but not a new crisis.
If only I could imagine:
the guns go off,
people dead,
parents worring,
Wouldn't you?
If only I could imagine.
The saddness they're going through.
The eyes all filled with
grief and pain, maybe anger.
The screams of people finding their kids:
bloody, blue in the face.
If only I could imagine.
No one can imagine the real thing,
unless you're there.
If only I could imagine.

Responsibilities of Being a Good Citizen

Written By:

When I was in sixth grade I entered a a local Couty Farm Bureau Women's Essay Contest. This essay had to be a least a page long, hand-wriiten and about good citizenship. Out of about 500 essays, mine and two others were picked as "the best." In this winning, I had to present my essay infront of the Farm Bureau's members and guests. I alos recieved a trophy and a pocket I didn't think that it was the greatest. I honestly thought that it was pretty gay, so I don't know what they saw in it. But, I did have a lot of fun. This is what my essay read:

I think a good citizen is one who has a lot of
responsibilities and takes action in a community. You can't always be a good
citizen, but you should try your best.

One of the respnsibilities, I think, that is the most important is respect. If
one person wouldn't respect another person, then that person wouldn't she respect
for another person. So it would become one line of disrepectfullness. The community
would be a mess if people wouldn't show respect. Attitude wise and visuality. People
wouldn't just disrespect the community, they would disrespect mother nature.

Another thing is a good attitude. you have to have a good attitude, otherwise,
people would steal more and wouldn't show respect. If a community wouldn't have
any of thes things that I listed. the community would be a mess. More stealing,
more littering, and even more disrespect are all examples of things that will
happen in a bad community. I hope that everyone will be a good citizen.

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