This is a picture of some of my friends and I from a 6-week summer school program. I have a BLAST every year and can't wait to go back next year. This is one of many pictures, but I just haven't had the time to really put them up. But one day, I PROMISE, I'll have them on here.(In both pictures, I'm on the right side.)

Here's another picture taken at the program. This is at the end of the year banquet...well after it. It is of my best friend Kristin and myself. It is taken right next to our rooms at the dorms. This next picture is taken the same day but actually at the banquet. The banquet was QUITE interesting!!!

This is a REALLY REALLY BAD picture of myself. It is my school picture PROOF from this year. I'm ordering the pictures, so as soon as I get one, I'll update this one to a NON-proof picture. I'm telling you though, it is REALLY bad!!!! But I guess that I'll let you be the judge of that. Here it is...

These are pictures of a good friend. His name is Brandon. He is a BIG dork, but that's besides the He always comes over so I can braid his fun fun..(that's what the third picture is about)

Some time in September of 2002, we had a series of pretty bad storm. After one of the storms, the sky was BEAUTIFUL! These are some pictures from one of the storms. It looked better the night of the storm...the pictures just don't do justice

Just another picture of myself.

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