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This page is getting worked on. I'm in the process of taking new pictures. I also have to get them developed, so it might take me a little while. But it will be up before May 30, 2002. I hope you enjoy the pictures that I do have now.

This year we didn't get enough snow to really even go snowmobiling. It made my whole family mad. We were looking forward to actually going. One day we got tons of rain, snow, ice, and about everything else. There wasn't enough snow to really go snowmobiling, but ofcourse, we did anyways. Though we only went in our field, it was a lot of fun. This is a picture of my brother running through a huge puddle, if you can even call it This day was a lot of fun. We took a lot more pictures that day, but my older sister has them. Hopefully I will get them on here too.