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Coming Soon: Friend Pictures!!!!


These pictures are from a party that I had about a year ago. We were a little messed up, so bare with the pictures. Some of them are pretty embarrassing for us, so don't make too much fun of them. I hope you enjoy them!

These are pictures of me. As well as the next four.

These next two pictures are of our friend, Jamie. She is very unique. She can always liven up a party!!!

This picture is of Kristin. This is when she had her hair permed and cut REAL short. Now it is much longer, and not curly.

This last and final picture for now is a group of all three of us. I still can't believe that we took this picture. There's a little bit of a story behind this one though. It was about 4 in the morning and we decided we had the munchies. A couple of us wanted cheese cake, so guess what we made, cheese cake. When it was finally ready to eat, it was about 5 A.M. At this point in time, we were really messed up, so we woke up my sister and told her to come and take pictures of us. We didn't get to eat very much of the cheese cake because most of it ended on our laps. It was a total BLAST. Hope you don't laugh too hard!!