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Welcome to the "History of OUR Friendship!"

IN THE EYES OF BETHANY Written By: Me, Myself, and I (Bethany)

Well, I've been going to the same SMALL school my whole life. So when a new kids comes everyone
notices it. I always got along with most of the kids in my class (there were only a couple that
I didn't like, though I did get along with them). Well anyways, when I was in fifth grade, about
October I think, there was a new girl. From the first time I saw her I was like, 'She looks like
suck a with!' Though that stuck with my the whole year! Now I wish that I would have gave a chance
then. At the time she hung our with the only girls in our whole class that I didn't really like. So
I practically just said, 'Forget her, I have my own friends.' This was very unusual for me because
usually I was always the first person to talk to a new person.

Well, the fifth grade year went by and I didn't talk to her at all. I did know that her name was
Kristin though. Then it was the beginning of sixth grade. The first day of school I walked into the
classroom and saw her standing there. All I could think was, 'Lucky me, she's in my class.' At that
point in time, I recieved my seat and sat down. A couple minutes later she came and sat by. Her seat
was the seat right next to mine. I felt like dieing right then and there!!!

I now look back then and regret thinking of her like I did. Our sixth grade year was probably the best
year of my life. Within the next two months of sitting by each other we became best friends.

Since sixth grade we have been best friends. To this day we do everything together and tell each other
everything. Most of the time wherever you see me you see her and wherever you see her you see me. Every
summer for the next three years we are going to be living together. This last summer we lived together
and it was the best summer I have ever had. Yes, we have had our bad times, but we defiently have had
more good times than bad times. I can live with that too.

I think the best time that we have ever had was one night while she was at my house. We stayed up all
night. Well, my brother came home from work. My brother is a kind of guy that loves to pick on everyone.
He was picking on us and kept bugging us. So after he was sick of bugging us we bugged the daylights out
of him until he couldn't stand it anymore. Then he started saying how we couldn't kick him in the butt or
anything like that because he was too tall. Well, Kristin decided that she would prove him wrong. Just for
your information, our kitchen floor is really slippery, especially when you wear soxs. She was going up to
kick him in the kitchen, WHILE wearing soxs, and needless to say, she ended up on the floor. As she went up
to kick him, her foot slipped on the slippery floor and down she went.

I don't think that I have ever laughed so hard in my life. I was laughing so hard that I was crying.
I think that she was laughing even harder than me. That was probably the hardest any of us have EVER laughed
and that includes my brother Kevin. I know for a fact that I will NEVER forget that day.

IN THE EYES OF KRISTIN Writting by: Kristin

I first moved into this school when I was in fifth grade. We were in different classes and never talked. When we talk about it today, Beth admits to not liking me and thinking that I was a bitch! We went through the entire year and never even talked to each other. When we reached sixth grade we were in the same class. We still didn't talk, until we had to sit by each other. We had tables and we were in the back of the room sitting at the same table. We really didn't even talk then, until our teacher made us work together for something. As we worked we began to think alike. We started to like each other and found that we had a lot in common. We started to hang out at recess and talked a lot. One day she actually got up enough courage to invite me over to her house. I decided to go. We talked and had a lot of fun. It has now been almost four years and we have become BEST friends. We are as close as can be. Beth is the bestest friend a girl could ever have. We actually consider ourselves sisters.

I have two memories that really stick out in my mind. The first one is when we snuck out of my house in the middle of the night to go to the barn and chill with my brother's friends. When we got down there, they weren't there. The next day we found out that they wentout to their camp in the woods. We never got caught!

We were in a program called Upward Bound at the UWSP campus during the summer. We hadn't been all that close throughout the sumer. I was terrified that I had lost Beth as a friend. So, one day she came to our dorm room and found me crying. We sat down and talked until two or three in the morning. We talked about religion and we could both feel the presence of spirits in the room with us. It was good for the both of us.