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This page is to learn more about us!

This color is Bethany's answer's
This color is Kristin's answer's

Forite color: Black Blue

Favorite Food:Ice Cream Ice Cream

Birthdate: March 12, 1987 September 18, 1986

Favorite subject in school: Spanish Geometry(or anything with math!!!)

Favorite Song: Don't have one Summer of '69

Favorite Artist: Don't have one Match Box Twenty

Favorite Past-Time activity: Listening to music listening to music and/or playing sports

Describe Dream Date: I would like to go out to a romantic movie. Then to a very fancy resturant and eat a wonderful mean. After that maybe a very peaceful walk along a beach or a drive in a car. I would expect a very nice good night kiss. That would be almost perfect!

My dream date would be run, romantic, and out-going (I guess I'd call it). He would pick me up at my house and we'd go to a nice resturant. I say nice because I DON'T want it to be fast food and I DON'T want it to be expensive!! The whole time there I'd want to get to know him more, so we'd do a lot of talking, I'd want to go for a walk in a park or on a beach...or even on the bank of a river. During this time I'd be wanting to walk close to him with his arms wrapped aound me. During this time we'd also be talking about our future plans.

Describe Dream Mad: He would have to be very respectful and non-prejudice. He should be taller than me and slightly muscular. He would have to be nice and very polite. He would have to be himself all of the time, even around my family. It is really hard to describe me dream man!!!

My man is going to make me extremely happy! He HAS to be taller than me. He'd be about 6'5", blonde hiar, thatn's kindof long (like a bowl cut), and blue eyes. He'd have about a medium builr. I'd want him to have similar interests: hunting, fishing, sports...ect. I'd like him to be out-going, intelligent, loyal, respectful, flexible (NOT physically, but socially), and loving. He HAS to be good with kids and like animals, especially horses! Oh yeah! I just about forget, he MUST be hard-working too!!! I think that that's for my, dream man, or what I can think of for!

How many kids and names: I want four; two girls and two boys. The guys names would be Joshua James and Isaac Michael. The girls names would be Cheyanne Rose and Angel May.

I'd want three to four kids. Either two girls and a boy or two and two. I want my girls to be named Justice Marie and Daemay Dee (D.D.) and the boys named Chicago James and Tydon Rae. (I'd like these names, but I don't think my future husband

Future Plans: As soon as I graduate I plan to go to a Tech. school or a college. I want to become a Surgical Technician. I then want to get a good job! Hopefully, I will meet the perfect guy and have the perfect wedding! I want four kids; two girls and two boys. The future is something that is scary to think about. Things never happen as planned. There is always road blocks and things to be changed.

Ummm...My future plans are pretty unrealistic at this point in my life. When I graduate high school, I want to attend and graduate from BYU (in Utah). I'd like to major in Computer Science or something with computers. After college I'd like to be a web-designer or computer programmer. I'd like to get married to a wonderful guy and have three to four children. I want to live in South Dakota, though I don't want to move away from all my family and friends, so it'll probably never happen. I want to live in a really big ranch house with a barn and lots of lond. While working with computers, I also want to board horsesm while having some of my own. (Some meaning one for me, one for my husband, one for every kid and even maybe more.) Though most of the above will NEVER happen, I can still DREAM high!