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Hello! My name is Bethany.

I really don't know what to write here, so this is probably going to be
really stupid. Right now at this point in time, I'm 15 years old and a freshman at a local school.
I have a pretty good sized family consisting of one brother (Kevin-23), three
sisters (Rachel-22, Eliza-21, and Jamie-18), one half-sister (Timber-8), one step-sister
(Cheryl-29), and one step-brother (Jonathan-24). So see, I do have a pretty good
sized family. Currently, BOTH Rachel and Eliza are pregnant. Rachel is due the beginning of November and Eliza is due the end of February. I hope that Eliza's baby is born on Leap Year, but who knows.

This past July, Eliza got married. It was the best wedding I have ever been too, though maybe it's just because I actually got to stand up! My brother got drunk off of his ass and we had to help him cross the street. (We didn't want him to get run over!) By the second bar we stopped at while bar-hopping, Kevin was already handing the money to me. So other than just standing up in the wedding I was becomeing richer at the same exact time. I don't think that anyone could have wished for any better wedding.

I have a 2 year old niece that is my pride and joy. Even though I love her to death, I can't
wait for the rest to arrive. I have a big enough family, but only one niece that I can spoil rotten
and then send her back home. It's the best thing to do!

Well, that's enough about my family, I'll tell you a little about myself. I LOVE sports, especially
basketball, though right now I can't play any sports and it's driving me NUTS!!! I love animals, but mostly horses. Right now I have two horses, one at my dad's and one at my mom's, though I live with my mom. The horse at my dad's house is named Spud (I didn't name him!) and he is a quarter horse. My horse at my mom's house is named Justice. (I picked out that name. Can't you tell?) She is a Mor-ab and I'm hoping to breed her next year hopefully with a paint. I just hope that if I breed her with that paint that she'll give me a paint. Music is the best thing in life. It helps me with
everything and the lyrics always mean something to me. I don't have a certain type of music that I
listen to, as you can probably tell if you looked at my music page. Though my music page isn't running right now, (which I AM working on) you can still see the lyrics to the songs. Right now at the top of my list for music is the song "Open Invitation" by Jackyl. I have the lyrics on the Jackyl page. Hopefully I will be able to add the song onto that page VERY soon!

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